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Brief Description of Our Company.
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"Distribuidora Industrial Madrid S.R.L.", Is a Company constituted for the Export of the EggFruit Lucuma Powder (Dehydrated, treated and pulverized Lúcuma) and other products of the nature of Peru, with the Product registered tradename "Yury Fruits".

Products of the nature, the Incas of Peru, in the medicinal antiquity, its herb for food cattle and tree tropical fruits, with characteristics of nutritional nutrition, to the nervous system, with a high calcium content; They are fruits of sweet and pleasant flavors.

Many factors have been combined during the last years to stimulate the interest of the consumer in a style of more healthful life and this has lead to the food consumption of natural origin.
While the dehydrated products have become more and more popular, the ingredients and condiment or seasoning of products of " Yury Fruits " have contributed to the sector of natural food with fruits and dehydrated vegetables, to prepare ice creams, yoghurt, syrups and desserts.
Which nonsingle contribute nutritious value, also flavor and appearance to the food.
Lucuma Fruit Peruvian

It is a native tree, of Andean valleys of Peru, the EggFruit lucuma; Scientific Name: Pouteria campechiana (LUCUMA OBOVATA HBK), belongs to the family of the Sapotaceae.
It is a tree of always green, very vigorous foliage, of great longevity and with látex in all its parts.
Its fruit has a flourlike and solid pulp, of smooth color and very pleasant flavor.
EggFruit Lucuma
The mission of our company, is to contribute with the necessary information, to foment Peruvian natural products, of high nutritious value and in Peru we have excellent natural products tropical tree and medicinal herbs.
For their Export, in the Market the International, for sale to by greater (WHOLESALE), and our clients will have permanently, a logistical support of Boarding to the zone of Groupage, Service of proceedings of Customs and Toilet, for their exit, in origin and shipment, to the city indicated by the Buyer, with the confirmation of flight reservation, by the air line; Offering a direct transaction to the ice cream Factories, Restaurant, and nutritional product Distributors, everything to the natural one.
It is a Company dedicated to the activity of Industrial Agriculture and the goal of our business, is to facilitate like direct Supplier, of natural products for the Nutritional Industry and of the Natural Medicine.
We dedicated to the culture and the harvest of the EggFruit Lucuma, selected, dehydrated, processed and pulverized, pure 100 % (Per cent).
The EggFruit Lucuma, whose Botanical denomination is Pouteria campechiana, which has properties of nutrition of high Vitamin content.
The EggFruit Lucuma in powder, presents/displays advantages for the commercialization, it transports and conservation, and in addition its use, is ample to prepare: Ice cream, Flan, Pudding, Milk Sake, Mouse, Cocktail and prepared others with milk; The EggFruit Lucuma in Powder is of golden yellow color, of sweet flavor very marked, penetrating scent and of somewhat rough texture.
Industrialization of the Fruit of lúcuma Peruvian

The fruit of lúcuma has good amount and quality of pulp which is processed like flour of lúcuma (Lúcuma in dust), being able to satisfy the demand of the market at times at which it is not had fresh fruit; In addition, it can easily be packaged and be exported to the foreign markets, of which our country (the Peru ') it is potentially the only source of supply, it is the case that our neighboring country, buys our fruit of lúcuma and it exports it like Chilean product.

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